6 Must-Have Features For Your RV

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Before purchasing an RV, you first need to think about what you’ll be using it for, who you’ll be using it with, and how long you’ll be staying in it – among plenty of other things. So, let me help you out by listing off the most essential parts of a great RV.

Because nobody wants to waste their money on an RV that doesn’t suit their needs – well, at least most people I think. ANyways, let’s jump right in and discover some RV features that you need to check for before buying.


You might not think beds in an RV or Fifth Wheel are all that important, but you’d be wrong. Sleeping arrangements are always annoying and complicated when you’re out on the road, and I’ve slept in my fair share of passenger seats – so I would know.

When it comes to beds, you’ll need to think about your available space within the unit. If you’ve got ten pieces of furniture and twenty boxes full of newspapers, you aren’t going to be sleeping soundly with two people. If you’re getting the RV to take your sweetheart out for a nice camping trip now and then – then you might want to go with a one-bedroom RV.

If you’re planning on using the RV for family trips, or road trips for work – then you’re going to need a bigger unit. There’s a lot less sleeping space on an RV than you’d think. Also, I always found it helpful to get a couple of blow-up mattresses and store them in the back just in case somebody needs an extra place to sleep.


Let’s all face it: driving around in an RV for 8 hours straight isn’t very exciting, and when you think about how bored your kids probably are, it can make you feel like you’re holding them hostage. To make things a little more comfortable, you can always install some forms of entertainment into your RV.

Be on the lookout for a unit with a solid number of outlets if your guests are planning on blasting music and playing video games the whole drive up. You should also make sure that all of the correct inputs are installed into your RV before buying. Nothing is more frustrating than realizing that you’re missing input connectors and then trying to find an adapter for three hours at a Best Buy.

Ok, that was a little specific, but you know what I mean. When it comes to entertainment, you don’t want to mess around. Get yourself an RV with a plentiful supply of power. The last thing you want is your son’s Xbox draining your RV of its battery before you even get to your destination.


This should be an obvious one, but yes – bathrooms. On a traveling living unit there can be some discomfort when it comes to the bathroom situation, so buying an RV with an already horrible bathroom is not recommended.

If you’re planning on living out of the RV for a long trip(s), then you should probably go ahead and get yourself one with a shower installed. It’s a breath of fresh air when you take an RV shower – as strange as that might sound.

Make sure that you have a sturdy septic tank too because realizing that you neglected that detail later down the road is not fun. Trust me.