These Are The Top 7 Hottest Teens You Need to Follow Online

Instagram is the social hub for some of the most interesting (and hottest) teens on the net. They take to the site to post photos (usually of their wild hype-beasty outfits) and build their fan base from there. Lucky for you, with the clothing that’s in style right now that means their Instagram pages are pretty sexy even if that’s not what they’re known for. Follow these hot teens to make your timeline that much more steamy.

1. Salem Mitchell
ig: @salemmitchell
This girl’s latest modeling endeavors have landed her a spot for Rhianna’s new lingerie line (definitely give that page a peak for what may not make it to Instagram due to their staunch ban on female nipples). After comparing herself to a bruised banana, this freckly model gained a massive following on the platform. She’s cute, she’s quirky, and she’s stylish. Definitely give her a follow.

2. Lottie Tomlinson
ig: lottietomlinson
This girl is One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister. She made headlines recently for snorting a suspicious white powder, but everyone likes a party girl am I right?
This girl is a makeup stylist but got the cute genes in the family for sure. She stands out with her silvery hair and pouty lips (could they be real?). She just oozes sexuality. She’s a must follow for sure! You might just get a little drama along with her photos.

3. Baby Ariel
ig: babyariel
This young internet sensation surely knows how to keep people’s eyes glued to her feed. Not only does she look good, she sings too! She’s known for her outrageous personality, colorful clothing, and tan physic. You should definitely check out her feed if you’re into that whole wild-child thing!

4. Ariel Winter
ig: arielwinter
Another famous – albeit more famous – Ariel is on this list! This girl made it big with her role on Modern Family. You can tell that the showrunners have been struggling lately to make her fit into her dorky, dumpy role on the show. She’s super hot and has no problem showing off her body. Her Instagram is one of my favorites. She always keeps it (mostly) classy and often posts at exciting events in even more exciting outfits. She’s a must follow for sure!

5. Sofia Richie
ig: sofiarichie
This girl is always in the news for her relationship with Scott Disick even though he’s literally almost 20 years older than her. Regardless, her Insta feed is full of photos of her in bikinis as she leads her life as a teen jet-setter.

6. Pia Mia
ig: princesspiamia
This model is FIT. Not only does she post some seriously cute photos modeling, she posts photos and videos of her tearing it up in the gym. If sweaty hard-bodied girls is your thing, then you should give this tan beauty a follow.

7. Pyper America Smith
Not only is she a model, but she’s a musician! While her feed is full of family photos, she posts tons of pictures from her modeling endeavors.
If you like artsy blondes, give her a follow.

8. Tavi Gevinson
ig: tavitulle
Speaking of artsy blondes…
This girl has undoubtedly glow-ed up from her early days on the internet. If you’re into quirky, weird, pixie artist-types, then Tavi is probably your manic-pixie dream girl!

9. Kaia Gerber
ig: kaiagerber
The hotness indeed runs in the family. I don’t need to say much more than this is Cindy Crawford’s daughter. Don’t ask questions, follow her.