RV Fifth Wheels

What are Fifth Wheels?

The Fifth Wheel offers maximum living space for a given trailer length. With the master bedroom over the truck bed, these units, "Fivers" as they are sometimes called, have pretty much become the RV of choice for full timers.Fifth Wheels are constructed with a raised forward section for the master bedroom, allowing a bi-level floorplan. This style provides more room in the living area of the unit.

Towing a Fifth Wheel

Because of the hitch design, all Fifth Wheels will require a pickup truck for towing. Larger models will require super-duty pickups, and the largest Fifth Wheels will require a medium-duty RV hauler. Towing a Fifth Wheel is much easier and much more stable than towing another type of RV. The hitch being placed in the pickup bed and directly over the rear tires of your tow vehicle contributes to improved traction and handling.

Fifth Wheels Advantages

  • Easy Towing because of the gooseneck hitch.
  • Spacious and roomy inside. A 5th wheel has lots of room inside. If the weather outside is inclement, there is plenty of room for everyone to be inside enjoying the amenities.
  • 5th wheel can be detached at destination which frees up the towing vehicle for excursions and trips around the area.