5 Types Of Snap Chat Stories You Always See

There are only so many snap stories that you can post, but you best be sure that these five will always appear multiple times throughout the day. Whether you’ve just woken up and you’re binge watching all the stories you missed while you were sleeping or constantly refreshing the page procrastinating all life’s responsibilities.

1. Food:

These are the worst when you’re starving, sitting in traffic, class or too lazy to get up and make something yourself. It’s hard to pass up watching these stories because it’s too easy to drool over everyone else’s bomb meals, making you wish you were stuffing your face with whatever they get to enjoy.

The majority of the time they are good at taking pictures of their food, but you’ll get those snappers that have no clue how to take a picture for the life of them. When you don’t know if you should be jealous that they have food to eat or horrified that their meal looks like it’s already been eaten and thrown back up.

2. Concerts:

The numerous amounts of rave and concert story videos are ridiculous, especially when each one looks the same and sounds like speakers are blowing up. Depending on the person posting the story, you’re more than likely to pass these up as fast as possible because you can’t pinpoint any of the music actually being played and the constant jumping and swaying only gives you motion sickness.

3. Parties:

All the beer pong setups and a line up of all the various alcohol about to be consumed fill up snap chat stories the second Thursday night hits. If your friends are a little crazy, then it’s probably never ending. These are consistently posted throughout the entire night so you can keep up with the amount of drunkness that is happening, but you’d much rather be getting drunk with them anyways.

4. Gym Time:

Whether they’re lifting, sprinting or showing you the speedometer on the treadmill there will always be stories of people proving that they’re active and healthy while you’re not. While it’s nice to know that people are taking care of their physical health, it’s hard not to wonder if they are doing it for themselves or to show that they workout, regardless of how long or often they actually do.

5: Pets:

These are the best stories in my opinion because you live vicariously through these snaps because you wish you were petting and spending time with all of the cute, furry babies. Sometimes they’re the random stray cats that you see on the street or the usual ones of an unbelievably cute, misbehaved dog doing everything wrong, but you can’t help but fall in love with them anyways.

Be proud of the snap stories you continuously post because somewhere out there people will wish they were with you at that exact moment, so keep it up!

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