Here Are The Top 3 Sites To Read Fuckbuddy Stories [2018 list]


Sometimes the best way to learn to do something is to see (or in this case, read) examples of it, and find out everything that went wrong and why, and what went right and why. This principle can be applied to just about anything – including a fuck pal.

You can read up on all the do’s and don’ts of having a fuckbuddy, but more often than not, you’ll break those rule a few times. Or maybe not every rule applies to you and your fuckbuddy, and you can manage better than others. Either way, if you read about scenarios, or need that extra push to find yourself a fuckbuddy, there are tons of fuckbuddy stories online. From real experiences to erotic fantasies, everything you need to know about fuckbuddies is in the words of people who’ve had them or can write about them (the sex, at least).

Or if you’ve grown tired of porn, and want content that stimulates your mind, your senses, and your body, then erotic stories are great to read when masturbating! Friends with benefits are still pretty taboo, so reading stories on this topic can provide you with a different kind of thrill than just watching the latest MILF video on Pornhub.

If you want to read the best fuckbuddy stories online, here are a few websites to check out.

  1. Literotica

    One of the best-known sites for erotic stories is Literotica, and their selection of fuckbuddy stories is no less than amazing. There’s a mix of true stories and fiction on this site, but each of them tells some pretty hot and heavy fuckbuddy stories between neighbors, online chat buddies, and friends. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find a story on Literotica that could inspire you to go out and find your own fuckbuddy.

  2. Casual Sex Project

    If you prefer truthful stories and encounters, or are looking for tips and helpful information regarding catching feelings for fuckbuddies, how to not do that, etc. then you should check out the stories on the Casual Sex Project. These are written by people who’ve actually had these experiences, and they share details of their hookups including if it was a positive or negative experience, and if they got emotionally hurt or not. They also give more detail on how they met their fuckbuddy and about their partners, and each story shared on the Casual Sex Project aims to bring new light to casual sex and can help you decide if this is something for you or not.

  3. Wattpad

    If you’ve ever been a part of any fandom, then you know Wattpad.

    But you probably have never seen this side of Wattpad. While there are usually cute stories filled with girls’ favorite band members falling in love with them, these aren’t nearly as PG. They also don’t feature celebrities (with the exception of the recent K-Pop phenomenon) and go into more detail when it comes to sex. They’re also typically longer than the stories you’d find on the other websites. But surprisingly, these are some well-crafted stories that engulf you into every detail.

These Are The Top 7 Hottest Teens You Need to Follow Online

Instagram is the social hub for some of the most interesting (and hottest) teens on the net. They take to the site to post photos (usually of their wild hype-beasty outfits) and build their fan base from there. Lucky for you, with the clothing that’s in style right now that means their Instagram pages are pretty sexy even if that’s not what they’re known for. Follow these hot teens to make your timeline that much more steamy.

1. Salem Mitchell
ig: @salemmitchell
This girl’s latest modeling endeavors have landed her a spot for Rhianna’s new lingerie line (definitely give that page a peak for what may not make it to Instagram due to their staunch ban on female nipples). After comparing herself to a bruised banana, this freckly model gained a massive following on the platform. She’s cute, she’s quirky, and she’s stylish. Definitely give her a follow.

2. Lottie Tomlinson
ig: lottietomlinson
This girl is One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister. She made headlines recently for snorting a suspicious white powder, but everyone likes a party girl am I right?
This girl is a makeup stylist but got the cute genes in the family for sure. She stands out with her silvery hair and pouty lips (could they be real?). She just oozes sexuality. She’s a must follow for sure! You might just get a little drama along with her photos.

3. Baby Ariel
ig: babyariel
This young internet sensation surely knows how to keep people’s eyes glued to her feed. Not only does she look good, she sings too! She’s known for her outrageous personality, colorful clothing, and tan physic. You should definitely check out her feed if you’re into that whole wild-child thing!

4. Ariel Winter
ig: arielwinter
Another famous – albeit more famous – Ariel is on this list! This girl made it big with her role on Modern Family. You can tell that the showrunners have been struggling lately to make her fit into her dorky, dumpy role on the show. She’s super hot and has no problem showing off her body. Her Instagram is one of my favorites. She always keeps it (mostly) classy and often posts at exciting events in even more exciting outfits. She’s a must follow for sure!

5. Sofia Richie
ig: sofiarichie
This girl is always in the news for her relationship with Scott Disick even though he’s literally almost 20 years older than her. Regardless, her Insta feed is full of photos of her in bikinis as she leads her life as a teen jet-setter.

6. Pia Mia
ig: princesspiamia
This model is FIT. Not only does she post some seriously cute photos modeling, she posts photos and videos of her tearing it up in the gym. If sweaty hard-bodied girls is your thing, then you should give this tan beauty a follow.

7. Pyper America Smith
Not only is she a model, but she’s a musician! While her feed is full of family photos, she posts tons of pictures from her modeling endeavors.
If you like artsy blondes, give her a follow.

8. Tavi Gevinson
ig: tavitulle
Speaking of artsy blondes…
This girl has undoubtedly glow-ed up from her early days on the internet. If you’re into quirky, weird, pixie artist-types, then Tavi is probably your manic-pixie dream girl!

9. Kaia Gerber
ig: kaiagerber
The hotness indeed runs in the family. I don’t need to say much more than this is Cindy Crawford’s daughter. Don’t ask questions, follow her.

3 Reasons RVing is More Fun Than Other Vacations

Are you feigning for a vacation? You could always go to the beach or some other touristy destination. Or you could abandon the traditional all-inclusive beach getaway idea all together and go for something a little more unorthodox and go RVing.

Yeah, that does seem a little counterintuitive to the whole relaxation idea. But RVing is actually a much more fun option to your average tropical get away. Here are the reasons why you should seriously consider going RVing for your next vacation.

1. You’re not stuck in one spot

If you’ve ever gone on a vacation to an all-inclusive resort in some far away destination then you might understand what it means to be stuck. If you dish out the cash to go to one of these resorts you’re inclined to try to take advantage of what you paid for. But that usually means staying put inside the resort. However, if you stay in place you’re not going to get the most out of your vacation. Sure, you will get your money’s worth by inhaling complimentary margaritas, but you won’t see what is beyond your resort’s walls.

When you decide to go RVing you have the freedom to go wherever you please. And you don’t have to worry about renting a taxi to and from your destination because you’re bringing your hotel with you!

2. You don’t have to break the bank

While renting RVs isn’t necessarily the cheapest, you will certainly be saving money. Because if you’re going to a tropical area of sorts you’re going to be paying an upwards of 200$ a night to stay in a hotel room nowhere near the beach. With an RV you’re paying significantly less than 200$ a night for your vehicle and you basically can have a waterfront view so long as you pull right up to the beach.

With RVing you’re basically getting your hotel and your transportation with one payment. All you have to worry about is gas. And you can stock your fridge however you like and don’t have to worry about getting charged 20$ if your kid raids the minibar.

3. You get to see many different places for the price of one vacation

With an RV you don’t have a singular destination. The beauty of road tripping is all the stops along the way. You have the ability to visit several different “destinations” depending on the route you choose. You can go camping one day and the next be beach front and the next be roaming the desert before heading out to the city. Your possibilities are endless.

If you are in desperate need of a vacation and don’t like feeling stuck, don’t have an abundance of money to blow on an expensive flight to The Bahamas, or are seriously indecisive than you ought to rent a RV.

Get your map out, plan out your destinations, make a road trip playlist and hit the open road. Hell, you don’t even need a plan just a good co-piolet/DJ and some snacks.

Check out the video below for more on RVing!